What Clients Say About AMMR

Below find a snapshot of comments from the many satisfied AMMR clients who have use our services!


Strategic, Marketing and Communications Planning


  • I enjoyed working with you.  As one with some perspective, I personally thought your report was a “goldmine” of outstanding suggestions and recommendations. – Jack McHugh, former Interim Publisher, Project Management Institute, Director, McHugh Publishing Management Company.


  • Your engagements for ASME have always been super and you deserve to have nothing but the best references. – David Belden, CEO, American Society of Mechanical Engineers.


  •   There is a wealth of good, practical ideas presented clearly and forcefully.  No generic solutions here!  You’ve added tremendous value to our process of self-assessment. – Ray Dingledine, Chairman of the Board, Society of Neuroscience, Emory University School of Medicine, Department of Pharmacology.


  • Dr. Carey was employed by our association, NAWG, to be our facilitator and was charged with assisting us to develop a strategic plan for increasing our membership base.  I would highly recommend Dr. Carey. – June Silverberg, Director, Corporate Relations, National Association of Wheat Growers.


  • I think we were a pretty good team and we did a great job getting the group to this point.  I hope they recognize and appreciate the amount of time and effort that was invested in this initiative. – Jim Magruder, American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators.


  • We enjoyed having you with us.  Thanks for the leadership.  Your comments were well taken at our meeting on Saturday.  – Richard Burk Jr. – Health Physics Society.


  • My last organization worked with him on a communication and marketing audit. He was exactly what the organization needed and we found the information to be very valuable. – Michelle Zinnert, Executive Director, American Urogynecological Society.



Speaking Engagements/Presentations


  • I know our members can, if they choose to, be a tough audience.  What they do respect are speakers who know the subject, come prepared and deliver practical material for effective implementation.  The discussion of your presentation has continued even after our return from the program and the audience was unanimously impressed. – Tara Oehlmann,  Director of Education and Membership, New York Society of Association Executives (NYSAE).


  • I’ll definitely work on bringing you back for strategic planning for the board or another topic. – Ann Barrett, President, Wisconsin Society of Association Executives.


  • I heard great things about the program, and we all stand in admiration of your “drawing power” – you attracted by far, the largest audience of the past 2 years for a program of this type! – Gary LaBranche, President, Association Forum of Chicagoland


  • Your presentation on New Frontiers of Association Management was stimulating, much appreciated by all, and discussed extensively after you departed.  [We] send you our thanks for your outstanding contribution to our meeting. – Martin A. Apple, President, The Council of Scientific Society Presidents (CSSP).


  • Thanks for your wonderful and enriching presentation at our program yesterday.  The feedback was extremely positive.  We would love to have you again to address other topics such as Program Assessment, Strategic Planning, etc.  We look forward to our continued dialogue. – Arun Sardana, First V. P., Morgan Stanley.




  • I think your Association Executive Marketing and Communications Presentation provides an outstanding way for private sector professionals to rapidly understand the major challenges facing nonprofits and the main elements of nonprofit marketing.   – Jeff Regen, Envisto.


  • Thank you for the great seminar.  I learned many new things that I think will help improve upon SRA’s current sales/marketing strategy. – April Beard, Survey Research Associates, LLC.


  • Just a quick not to say how much I appreciated your recent seminar.  It was concise, informative, easily understood and thoroughly enjoyable. – Paul Belford – JDG Associates, Ltd.