Why should you select AMMR to partner with you on your organizational, operational or strategic assessment or planning journey? Simply because building relationships and helping our clients achieve the desired results to provide a positive impact on their members are what is most important to us in our business. Our entire history speaks to our desire to exceed and excel in driving more innovative solutions and to protect our most important ingredient—you the client.

Association Management + Marketing Resources are the preferred providers and trusted advisors, who bring measurable value add and solid solutions to trade associations, professional and medical societies and Foundations.

Regardless of the issue or challenge you face in any functional area, AMMR works closely with staff and volunteer leaders to find just the right solution that enables your association to prepare and position itself for the future.  Having conducted major assignments with 250+ client associations over 15 years, ½ of which included multiple projects, and conducted training for 7,500 plus association executives, AMMR has proven its worth and value in making a difference within  the association community.

Here at AMMR, we have three top senior association and organizational development consultants and research and media outsource professionals ready to assist you. We can help you tackle those assignments that can enhance the association’s governance, management and marketing position from strategic and operational planning, member value needs or association operations assessments to marketing and membership research and solutions.

Additionally, as a new part of our practice, let us develop  testimonials and “tell your story” video creations that raise the value-to-dues equation in key functional areas such as membership, meetings, government relations, peer communications, fundraising and other functional areas. These state of the art mini-videos are especially meaningful to younger members who do not use traditional media to explore the benefits of the association.

Check out our client base and resources such as AMMR publications, recent articles and the sample “testimonial video” and give us a call the next time you need assistance solving any organizational challenge. 

Mission & Capabilities

Since 1991, we have provided the best planning, assessment, marketing, communications and governance tools, techniques, technology, teaching and quality training, planning, peer reviews, analysis and research, in assisting associations, other nonprofit and government entities to accomplish their governance, communications and marketing objectives, and to create �TruValueԔ for their members.


AMMR has been the preeminent association management consulting firm that has pioneered the concept of quantifying the value of association tangible and intangible products and services, and delivering them via communication vehicles that are unique, and which force member and clients to recognize the value of services to dues and nondues revenue dollars. We help our clients in selecting their long view through focused, realistic strategic planning tied to the budget and program of work. We have focused on assisting our nonprofit customers in governing the association, and in marketing, imaging and communicating association products and services to members and customers. As the association community�s key thought leaders in e-business marketing and marketing/communications integration, we concentrate on presenting an integrated approach in blending e-business tools with traditional association programs and services. Although e-business is the business of the future, we help our clients create an integrated strategic, marketing, membership, communications and governance strategy, which links together and integrates its new e-business and traditional operational plans. We also assist clients with all their hardware/ software I/T strategies and decision making.


AMMR is a full service association marketing, communications and governance management firm, specializes in the following areas using the Malcolm Baldridge Award Performance Assessment Criteria and Methodology:


  • Designing and conducting governance and strategic planning facilitations, structural, marketing, communication, and E-business program and organizational assessments, audits, reviews and analyses.
  • Strategic communications planning, volunteer management and association staff and volunteer planning, training and retreats in marketing, communications, management and governance operations.
  • Market and Membership Research studies (Environmental Scans using alternative future scenario methodology/focus groups/in-depth interviews and quantitative needs assessments) in the membership, communications, education (traditional and electronic), governance and marketing areas.
  • Facilitating, Teaching and Consulting with associations, foundations and non-profits on issues related to governance / staff management and structure, marketing, communication, E-business operations, general personnel, administrative and governance management.
  • Facilitating   and assessing association migration and mergers to and from Association Management Companies (AMC�s), stand-alone operations and subsidiary deployment . We provide the full range of services from current association position / location assessments to searches for stand-alone space and personnel, in addition to evaluating AMC�s and developing RFP�s, providing complete migration services and developing and negotiating management contracts.
  • Evaluating chapter and affiliate operations including analyses, training and facilitations.
  • Creation of TruValue definitions, statements and delivery systems for benefits, programs, products and services for use in promotional materials.
  • New marketing segmentation design and integration, marketing research, positioning, pricing, communication and publications strategies.
  • Executive search for CEOs, marketing, communications, and other senior product line directors and managers.
  • Assisting government and nonprofit entities with outreach and developing marketing and communication strategies to influence their constituencies.


AMMR specializes in conducting detailed studies using Baldrige criteria, detailed 18-functional area environmental scanning, qualitative in-depth interviews and focus groups and quantitative needs assessment research in the key areas of:


�  Membership, marketing and customer service

�  Strategic planning facilitations

�  Communications research and planning

�  Member Needs Assessments

�  Governance and staff management facilitation and training and facilitations

�  Member relations & development

�  Marketing/e-business marketing

�  I/T integration in marketing, membership and communications

�  Research in educational programs and distance learning strategies and tactics

�  Association Management Company assessments and association migration to AMC�s or Stand-alone operations