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From David Pearce Snyder, Consulting Futurist

The future is our common destination.  It’s where we’re all going to spend the rest of our lives.  But, as a “place” in time, the future differs from a physical destination in two  crucial respects.  First, we don’t have any choice about traveling to the future. We’re all going there whether we like it or not.  What’s more, once we get to the future, if we don’t like it – or are ill-prepared to deal with its realities – we can’t come back to the present. The future is “for keeps.” 

This is why long-range planning merits the investment of our time and attention, and ultimately, our cash flow.  At this moment of accelerating innovation and change, purposeful planning and leadership must be based on the reliably-forecastable demographic, economic and technologic trends and developments that will predictably reshape the marketplace realities for all organizations, their customers and their suppliers.  Strategic leadership must provide foresight for all stakeholders. (continued)